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The Shape of the Table review David Edgars power play proves prophetic

Twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the first play in the Iron Curtain trilogy gets an excellent revival.

Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune review hearts and souls laid bare

The fairytale mysticism sits uncomfortably in this anti-romcom but Dervla Kirwan and Neil Stuke deliver great performances.

Infidelities by Kirsty Gunn review This book is a network of roads not taken, meandered through, or raced along

Rich, melodic stories about love, marriage and beyond make for a masterclass in the art of fictionIn the prelude to Kirsty Gunns new collection of stories a man and a woman, former lovers now in middle age, meet at a bar. They drink tequila, flirt, and ta

Bryan Ferry Avonmore: Exclusive album stream

Have a listen to Bryan Ferrys latest album a collection of soulful new songs and smooth covers and let us know your thoughts As Jon Dennis points out in his four star review of Avonmore, Bryan Ferry is a master of covers. This latest collection from the R

Sarah Humphreys' New Moon review terrific start but fails to match up to opener

There are three standout tracks in the Australian troubadours third album, produced by longtime fan Kasey ChambersThe first song and single from Sarah Humphreys new album is terrific. Take Your Time is shot through with a self-deprecating honesty, apprais

TV On the Radio: Seeds review pop emerges from darkness

On hiatus since the death from lung cancer of bassist Gerard Smith in 2011, TVOTR have chosen an unlikely moment to come back with the most hooky, poppy album of their career.

Bryan Ferry: Avonmore review midnight moves with the master of smooth

(BMG Rights Management)Bryan Ferry recast Roxy Music faves in a 1920s setting on his last album The Jazz Age, but on the follow-up he returns to the super-smooth lounge pop with which hes long been associated.Avonmore is co-produced by Rhett Davies, Ferry

Paul Smith and Peter Brewis: Frozen by Sight review peculiarly riveting

(Memphis)Anyone confronted with its concept Paul Smith of Maxïmo Parks travel diary set to minimalistic jazz and string compositions might be forgiven for feeling nonplussed by Frozen by Sights prospects. It was never going to be as scintillating as a

Thompson: Family review a tender exploration of family dynamics

(Decca)Its hard not to view this collaborative album from the extended Thompson family through the eyes of the cod psychologist, given it how tortuous their family dynamic has been Richard and Linda Thompson chronicled their disintegrating marriage on S

Jazz in Polish Cinema: Out of the Underground 1958-1967 review

(Jazzonfilm)This intriguing collection of soundtracks, some unissued until now, traces the special relationship between Polands jazz and movie-makers in the politically repressive 1950s and 60s. In this charismatic cast are Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stanko