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Birdland review Ceaselessly inventive critique of rock stardom

No one will be surprised to learn, from Simon Stephens's new play, that the mega-fame and virtually limitless money that accompany rock stardom have a destabilising effect on the pysche.

God's Traitors: Terror and Faith in Elizabethan England by Jessie Childs review

Blood dripping from roasting bodies ' Simon Callow, Catholic born and bred, gives thanks he wasn't alive in Tudor times We Catholics who grew up in the 1960s knew that we were not quite as others. We were entirely legal, disbarred from nothing except the

The Contest of the Century review

Will China dominate the 21st century? Or will it all come tumbling down? This survey of 'bearish' and 'bullish' recent literature on China urges a third way.

Andrew Garfield surprises Punchdrunk audience with unannounced cameo

It's what every Punchdrunk theatre fan craves: a one-on-one encounter with a cast member in one of its interactive, site-specific performances.

A Taste of Honey review 'Rebecca Ryan's Jo keeps the drama alive'

Mark Babych's first production as Hull Truck's artistic director embraces the enormous heart of Shelagh Delaney's debut play without flinching from its vulgarity.

At the End of Everything Else review Pedal-powered Icarus proves uplifting

Unicorn, London Its over-earnest environmental message may overwhelm the narrative, but this take on the Icarus myth powered by its cycling cast does have some wonderful live animation Children's theatre grows up at Purni Morell's magical Unicorn Mar

A Small Family Business review revival sells Ayckbourn short

Olivier, London Nigel Lindsay hits the right note, but this production lacks the farce that unlocks the pain within Alan Ayckbourn's fable Ayckbourn: 'I've never been a political writer: I'm a social writer' No play of the 1980s pins down better than

A Precariat Charter: From Denizens to Citizens review

Too many jobs are now temporary and insecure: a new class, the 'precariat' is growing. Guy Standing has responded with an inspiring vision of a Good Society At the Labour conference of 2005, Tony Blair made one of his most fascinating speeches as party le

When the Professor Got Stuck in the Snow by Dan Rhodes review

Rhodes's sharp comedy features a fictional Richard Dawkins Some works of fiction carry a disclaimer, assuring the readers that all characters are a figment of the author's imagination and that "any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely co

Banksy: The Room in the Elephant review 'Who owns the story?'

Arcola theatre, London The tale of a man made homeless when the LA water tank he lived in was turned into a Banksy artwork is fascinating and thought-provoking Read our interview with the play's writer, Tom Wainwright Even the title is playing a littl