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Charlie Dore: Milk Roulette review a gift for melody

(Black Ink)Charlie Dore has had a colourful career. She has been a pop star, best-known for her 1979 hit Pilot of the Airwaves. She has been an actress. She has been a prolific songwriter, covered by the likes of Sheena Easton, George Harrison and Celine

Ugly Girls by Lindsay Hunter review: teenagers on the road to nowhere

This debut novel exposes truths about class, adolescence and womanhood as it stokes a sense of impending doomRiding in cars with boys is high on the list of stereotypical teenage bad-girl behavior. But riding in cars with other girls can be far worse. A c

One Direction: Four review glossy pop with hints of Springsteen

One Direction had to grow up sometime. On their fourth album, the five teen heart-throbs take another skinny-jeaned step from peach fuzz and bubble-gum pop to day-after stubble and soft rock.

Irving Berlins White Christmas review smothered in sickly sweet sentiment

Dominion, LondonTheres plenty of song and dance to enjoy in this short London production starring Aled Jones and Strictlys Tom Chambers. Just try to ignore the lack of plot Continue reading...

Ariel Pink: Pom Pom review pop music by someone who thinks its beneath him

(4AD)With a certain thumping inevitability, the new Ariel Pink album arrives surrounded by controversy, engendered by recent remarks from the mouth of its author. Controversy engendered by Ariel Pinks remarks is such a regular occurrence that Pitchfork th

All you need is love: Adrian Lester and the miraculous all-male As You Like It

It seemed like a one-off curiosity but Cheek by Jowls experiment became an unlikely global hit.

The Velvet Underground Foggy Notion: hear an unreleased mix

Weve got a previously unreleased mix of this Velvet Underground classic for you have a listen and let us know what you think.

Behind the beat: Savages and Bo Ningen on how dadaism inspired Words to the Blind video

Savages and Bo Ningen discuss their collaboration Words to the Blind, a 37-minute 'simultaneous sonic poem' inspired by the dadaist movement of 1916.

Terry Eagleton reviews Trouble in Paradise and Absolute Recoil by Slavoj iek

Like Socrates on steroids: iek is both breathtakingly perceptive and outrageously irresponsible. Is he just out to scandalise?