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Acoustic Classics review Richard Thompson gives a bravura performance

In which the English folk eminence reprises his formidable back catalogue armed only with an acoustic guitar.

Dennis Hopper: the inside man

Cast out of Hollywood, Dennis Hopper picked up his camera as the LA art scene exploded. The resulting photographs have recently come to light and deserve acclaim in their own right.

Arrowhead by Ruth Eastham review Vikings, magic and murder mystery

Fans of Alan Garner will find themselves on familiar territory with Eastham's powerful new thrillerTwo-thirds of the way through Ruth Eastham's powerful new thriller the story's hero, 13-year-old Jack, enters a museum and stands before the dragon prow of

Touched by Joanna Briscoe review who or what is taking the children?

A waking nightmare in the home counties that has an elegant, cine-literate twistHammer is the new imprint from Random House, working in association with the recently revived British film company, adored and deplored for its lurid 60s horror movies. The ob

Upstairs at the Party by Linda Grant review when David Bowie ruled the world

How the fallout from a tragic event at a university in Yorkshire affects a group of friends who met there in the 1970sThis is the story of friendships that cohere at a northern university in the 70s. The narrator, Adele, was born and brought up in a Jewis

A Treacherous Paradise by Henning Mankell review

The Wallander author returns with a historical novel based on the true story of a brothel-owning Swedish woman in old MozambiqueHenning "Wallander" Mankell takes a fascinating historical fragment as the basis for this tale of Portuguese Africa. In the ear

Rencontres d'Arles festival: the best photographs of 2014 in pictures

Each summer since 1970, the photographic world descends on Arles, France, for this annual celebration of their art from divers to dogs, browse the best of this year's images Continue reading...

Engineers of Victory by Paul Kennedy review

A masterly analysis of grand strategy that focuses on the vital contribution of the middle personnelIn this impressive historical study of five campaigns in the second world war, including the Battle of the Atlantic and Operation Overlord, Paul Kennedy's

A Questionable Shape by Bennett Sims review Zombies in Louisiana

There is little gore in this unusual take on the zombie novel it's not so much a book as an existentialist meditationBaton Rouge, Louisiana, is at the centre of a zombie outbreak. For now the authorities are coping just rounding up the undead and quara

Whistleblower review a timely first staging of Edward Snowden's story

This informative look at Snowden's decision to blow the whistle gains a thriller-like momentum.