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Rustie: Green Language review brilliantly varied, futuristic electronica

Glaswegian producer Russell "Rustie" Whyte has firmly staked his place in the maximalist electronic music world.

Luke Sital-Singh: The Fire Inside review believably vulnerable balladeering

(Parlophone)As old lyrical chestnuts go, being held captive by "the fire inside" is as mundane as "making it through the rain", leading to low expectations of this debut. Yet Luke Sital-Singh, who was longlisted in the Sound of 2014 poll, has produced a r

Royal Blood: Royal Blood review heavy, hefty commercial rock duo

(Warner Bros)Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher, often referred to as a "power duo" a phrase that brings to mind dual-cleaning bog bleach as opposed to saviours of rock were the only guitar group featured on BBC's Sound of 2014 list. The pressure is on, and not o

The Wytches: Annabel Dream Reader review fun, but lacks variety

(Heavenly)Along with Temples, Toy and Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs, the Wytches have formed a rowdy(ish) new psych nucleus at the formerly indie-heavy Heavenly Records. Long hair, stern faces and disturbing songs about mysticism and ghouls have usurped J

Cold Specks: Neuroplasticity review a forward-thinking yet nightmarish noise

(Mute)The problem with having a voice redolent of past greats as Cold Specks' Al Spx undoubtedly does is that your music can struggle to escape the retro tag. This was an issue facing Spx's stripped-back debut I Predict a Graceful Expulsion a gospel-influ

Ariana Grande: My Everything review faceless, generic bangerdom

On her 2013 debut album, Yours Truly, teen-actor-turned-pop-starlet Ariana Grande established a unique, nostalgia-based beachhead, interweaving 90s R&B and 1960s girl groups.

Chopcy Kontra Basia: Oj Tak! review experimental folk-jazz from Poland

(World Music Network)Based in the ancient and fashionably arty city of Krakow, this intriguing new Polish band match tradition with experiment. Chopcy Kontra Basia translates as "Boys Against Basia", and apparently reflects the musical tensions that come

Herbie Hancock: The Warner Bros Years review undistracted creativity

(Warner Bros)This three-CD set brings together all the music Herbie Hancock recorded for Warners between leaving Miles Davis in 1969 and the beginning of his hitmaking Headhunters period in 1972. When the Mwandishi sextet (which recorded the second of the

Cooke: Violin, Viola and Cello Sonatas review purposeful chamber music

Arnold Cooke was part of the same generation of British composers as Michael Tippett and Constant Lambert.

Busoni & Strauss: Violin Concertos, etc review tuneful, easygoing pleasures

Busoni disowned most of his early works after he published his artistic manifesto, Sketch of a New Aesthetic of Music, in 1907.