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The Peculiar Life of the Lonely Postman by Denis Thériault review

There is a charming playfulness to Thériault's prose in this well-executed story of love found through letters and deception.

The Infidel review David Baddiels musical knocks religion but respects belief

Theatre Royal Stratford East, LondonKev Orkian delivers a terrifically warm performance, even as this stage adaptation of the hit film topples into pantomimic excess Dont put a fatwa on it: Baddiel hopes Infidel The Musical can ease friction David Baddie

The Cherry Orchard review: Simon Stephens leaves little space for laughter

Young Vic, London This compressed, contemporary Chekhov directed by Katie Mitchell skips over the works tragicomic irony Simon Stephens on the impossible act of translating Chekhov Continue reading...

The New World Andrew Motion's second Treasure Island sequel

With his followup to Silver, the former poet laureate has written a deeply felt and sincere homage to Robert Louis StevensonThe tide of crossover fiction continues unabated. Popularised for today's audience by JK Rowling and Philip Pullman, its origins

Revolution by Russell Brand review soft-soap therapy when we need a harder edge

His tract is heavy going, light on politics and, in places, beyond parody. Has the leader of the rebellion missed his moment?This time last year I hosted a Swedish academic who had come to Cambridge to give a talk about Montesquieu. Only she didn't wan

East is East review a complex and comic portrait of a man adrift

Ayub Khan Din takes to the stage in his depiction of growing up in a mixed race household in the early 1970s Continue reading...

Jessie Ware: Tough Love review sensual and intriguing

IslandYou have me crying out, crying out for more, Jessie Ware murmurs on this albums title track, recalling Sades 1984 hit Your Love is King, which pivoted on the breathy refrain: Im crying out for more. Like Sade, Ware is a sensualist, gliding through h

Cooly G: Wait Til Night review stripped down seduction

Hyperdub Listen to Cooly Gs album streamMerrisa Campbell has been assiduously doing things her own way for more than half a decade. Signed to the UKs auteur-ish bass label Hyperdub after being spotted distributing her own home-made CDs, she made music as

Thurston Moore: The Best Day review former Sonic Youth frontman returns to noise-rock

(Matador) Thurston Moore interview: I needed to leave the United StatesIn the years since Thurston Moores 2011 album, Demolished Thoughts, the framework surrounding the former Sonic Youth frontman has collapsed: the US alt-rock godfather relocated to the

Slipknot: .5: The Gray Chapter review Iowan rockers suitably unhinged return

(Roadrunner)Given the circumstances surrounding the making of Slipknots fifth album the death of bassist Paul Gray and the terse departure of drummer Joey Jordison fans have been bracing themselves for disappointment. But despite a refreshed lineup and a