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One Kick review Chelsea Cain's dark, dangerous journey into evil

Chelsea Cain's compelling new heroine Kick is complex and clever with a chilling back story.

Guys and Dolls review an outstanding Adelaide, and added Acosta

Sophie Thompson gives a masterclass in comic acting while Carlos Acosta brings Cuban flamboyance as choreographer.

Marina Abramovic: 'This piece is deeper and more profound than anything I've ever done before'

The performance artist reflects on her marathon Serpentine show, not being marriage material and her legacy.

The Scatter Here Is Too Great by Bilal Tanweer review

This powerful and timely debut paints a haunting portrait of urban PakistanIn Karachi, Pakistan's seaside commercial capital, nearly 3,000 people died as a result of violent crimes and sectarian violence in 2013. Bilal Tanweer's timely and unconventional

The passion of Pina Bausch: Sweet Mambo at the Edinburgh festival 2014 in pictures

The great German choreographers celebrated dance-theatre company are at the Edinburgh international festival with Sweet Mambo, a tragi-comic piece told with exquisite moves, gorgeous outfits and buckets of water.

Shadow of the Wolf by Tim Hall review a dark Robin Hood retelling

Hall's debut novel is a gory fantasy mashup with Game of Thrones and X-Men in its DNA.

In Search of Gielgud: A Biographer's Tale by Jonathan Croall review

This account of a biographer's battles to beat his 'authorised' rival is full of illuminating insights.

The Intellectual Life of Edmund Burke by David Bromwich review

Bromwich's biography From the Sublime and Beautiful to American Independence explores Burke's early career and uncovers a Romanticism at odds with his conservatism.

The Appian Way review an evocative history of Europe's first great road

The classicist Robert Kaster is a knowledgable and engaging guide as he journeys along the queen of Roman roadsThe via Appia was hailed as the "regina viarum", the queen of roads, by the Roman poet Statius in the first century. For the classicist Robert K

The Poets' Daughters review a meticulous double portrait

An elegantly interlocking biography of Dora Wordsworth and Sara Coleridge shows us that greatness casts a long shadowThey might have believed that children should run "wild and free", but William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge both weighed heavily