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Time's Mistress by Steven Savile review 13 stories of dark fantasy

With a flair for finding beauty in the macabre, Savile uses subtle horror to deliver poignant insights into love and humanitySteven Savile is a versatile writer. He's written for Doctor Who, Torchwood and a number of games and comics; his debut thrille

Henry IV review a welcome change from male-dominated Shakespeare

Donmar Warehouse, London Phyllida Lloyd returns to a prison setting for her all-female follow-up to Julius Caesar, with entertaining results Continue reading...

Stone Mattress review Margaret Atwood's new collection of short stories

Horror stories, fantastical worlds and something very nasty in a storage unit: a sly take on the memories and myth-making of old ageThe nine stories in Margaret Atwood's new collection should, she explains in an afterword, properly be considered "tales":

The Mad Boy, Lord Berners, My Grandmother and Me review eccentric, hedonistic glamour

Sofka Zinovieff tells the story of Berners as he composes and carouses with her grandfather, Robert Heber-Percy, in fashionable society between the warsStravinsky once described Lord Berners as the best British composer of his generation. That has never b

Ex Hex: Rips review majestic power-pop on the air-guitar album of the year

Washington DC alt-rock hotshot Mary Timony has been bashing ears in high style for a couple of decades, previously with Helium, Autoclave and Wild Flag, and now with Ex Hex, whose hit-after-hit debut LP is just deliriously great fun – this has got to be

Kindness: Otherness review scholarly but sensual experimental soul

(Female Energy)As you might expect from a man who launched his musical career while studying at the Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study and who followed his 2012 debut album with a documentary on the Washington DC go-go scene, Kindnesss Adam Bainbri

Jessie J: Sweet Talker review British star goes all out for US success

Jessie J recently announced a permanent move to Los Angeles, spurred in part by the British “not appreciating my voice”.

You + Me: Rose Ave review Pink and Dallas Greens utterly lovely country duo

(RCA)Pop singer Pinks country/folk album words you probably never expected to read came about when she found common musical ground with Dallas Green, formerly of Canadian hardcore band Alexisonfire. As You + Me, the pair explore pastoral byways, and its a

Mark Lanegan Band: Phantom Radio review a career highlight from a gothic-grunge hero

(Heavenly)The Screaming Trees former vocalist has by now fairly firmly established himself as a kind of post-grunge/Americana Johnny Cash, with moody songs awash with tales of drug abuse, redemption and dark humour. Theres plenty of that here. Black is

Kele: Trick review confident, carnal disco on Bloc Party singers second solo album

(Kobalt Label Services)While touring Bloc Partys last album, Four, Kele Okereke was compelled to create a collection of club anthems, the confident, carnal yin to his indie groups anxious, angst-riddled yang. Much like his debut solo album, 2010s The Box