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Bomber's Moon review 'Observant realism fades to dodgy metaphysics'

Park theatre, London William Ivory's tribute to the men of RAF Bomber Command is a highly accomplished look at faith and wartime memories if overly contrived There's a patent sincerity to William Ivory's new play. It is clearly intended as a tribute to

Bruce Springsteen's High Hopes: watch the documentary here

In January, New Jersey's finest released his 18th studio album. Here, you can watch a short film which documents the album's fruition.

Charlie Chaplin review a man condemned to journey alone

By his mid-twenties, Charlie Chaplin was the most famous man in the world, recognised by admirers in every one of the markets reached by the new, language-free medium of silent film. In Modern Times the unhoused tramp says that he lives "anywhere", and th

Flashboys: Cracking the Money Code review riveting third instalment of Michael Lewis's expose of the international money markets

A new breed of parasitic financial players has discovered a novel way of fleecing the global public many times over in the blink of an eye.

The boozer who bottled bohemia: John Deakin's Soho photography

His circle of friends featured Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud, and he took photos of Soho's artists, writers, drifters and newsagents as we wandered from one pub to the next in the 50s and 60s. Here's a selection of his best portraits Under the Influe

Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls review recollections of a resolute outsider

A secretly gay child's memories are captured with exacting candour David Sedaris's voice is familiar to listeners of This American Life or Radio 4's Meet David Sedaris : arch, insinuating, slightly world-weary as it winds itself around childhood

Everland review a compelling tale of lives stripped bare in Antarctica

An Antarctic island gives up its secrets at a price in Rebecca Hunt's fine evocation of extreme endurance in 1913 and 2013 Rebecca Hunt's fiction dramatises the tension between private turmoil and the self that must meet the public gaze. Her first novel,

Justin Timberlake review an evening of 'unrelenting class'

Justin Timberlake will not be playing, announces a man from the lip of the stage, rubbing the back of his own neck ruefully.

EMA: The Future's Void review dystopian angst with a personal touch

Erika M Anderson's second album mines a rich seam of digital despair to stirring effect Kitty Empire reviews Justin Timberlake at the London O2 There were few more arresting songs in 2011 than EMA 's California , a track taken from her solo debut,

Trials of Passion: Crimes in the Name of Love and Madness review convincing, enlightening

Lisa Appignanesi's history of the way society views crimes of passion blends scholarship with a seductive interest in what makes us human During the summer of 1871, boxes of sweet treats were sent anonymously to several prominent families in Brighton. Alo