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For Folk's Sake

Album | Adam Cohen – We Go Home

When I first heard about Adam Cohen I greeted both he and his music with a subtle expectation and a preconceived idea of what he should be as an artist.

#549 Ellen & The Escapades – The One And Only

Maybe you hate the song, maybe you secretly love it, but everyone has an opinion on the definitive one-hit wonder from Chesney Hawkes.

Album | Dr. John – Ske-Dat-De-Dat: The Spirit of Satch

Dr. John has been making white funk soul for over 45 years now. He loves it. You can still hear it. In everything he does. He’s getting towards his mid 70s and it sounds as much fun and asnecessary to…Read more →

Album | Larkin Poe – Kin

When is a debut album not a debut album? This isn’t a philosophical riddle or a trick question, just an honest poser after listening to Larkin Poe’s first full-length release. It’s a wonderfully confident collection – playful, powerful and full…

#542 Kathrin deBoer – Knitbone

Kathrin deBoer is a singer and bassist worthy or your attention. If you don’t know why she’s worthy of your attention, you probably haven’t clicked play on the little Soundcloud widget above this writing. Click it. Go on… Okay, didn’t…Read mor

Album | Benjamin Booker – Benjamin Booker

There’s something genuinely exciting about Benjamin Booker. An attitude, an edge, maybe a vulnerability too – a sense that it’s only just all holding together.

Album | Cory Branan – The No Hit Wonder

Cory Branan is the musician’s musician, feted and adored by luminaries of the business, including the likes of Frank Turner, Chuck Ragan, and fellow rising Country star Caitlin Rose, the latter guesting on the fantastic steel-stringed ‘All the Rivers

Exclusive: The Magic Numbers Alias track-by-track + tour dates

The Magic Numbers’ new album Alias was released on Monday and we’re delighted to be able to bring you this exclusive track-by-track of the new record.

Album | James Yorkston – The Cellardyke Recording and Wassailing Society

James Yorkston’s eighth album is a delicately beautiful affair, much in the vein of his earlier offerings.

Album | Ivan Campo – Fantastic Blue

Fresh from an appearance at this weekend’s Green Man Festival, Ivan Campo continue the celebration of their tenth year with their ninth album release Fantastic Blue.