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For Folk's Sake

#511 Me and the City – The Wild Ones

Imagine living in a town which was named after a beer. Or at least shared a name with a beer. You must be thirsty all the time. Such is the fate of Californian band Me and the City, who come…Read more →

Album | Loudon Wainwright III – Haven’t Got The Blues (Yet)

Loudon Wainwright’s voice is still in sharp and fine fettle. Not only that, but the meaning the words seem to carry is both profound and delightful. A man, in his late sixties, with bitter and joyous memories, and a voice…Read more →

Album | Stephen Steinbrink – Arranged Waves

While this is Stephen Steinbrink’s first release, either solo or as part of French Quarter, in the UK, the Arizona-born singer-songwriter has been around for some time. Arranged Waves marks his seventh solo album of artful pop, and one of…Read more

Album | King Creosote – To Scotland With Love

King Creosote’s love letter to Scotland could not have come at a better time with the eyes of the world turning north for the Commonwealth Games and the upcoming independence referendum. But don’t expect a collection of rousing anthems –…Read more

Album | Slow Club – Complete Surrender

Slow Club are on the cusp of becoming huge with their third LP, Complete Surrender; a more mature, fuller-sounding record than Paradise, and a million miles away from their debut, Yeah, So?

Album | Felice Brothers - Favourite Waitress

Sometimes the more things appear to be changing, the more they stay the same. This latest release from beloved scrappy New York veterans The Felice Brothers had the potential to throw up masses of intrigue given their recent history. Firstly,… Read

Album | First Aid Kit - Stay Gold

First Aid Kit have been charming us with their perfect harmonies and earnest folk songs for years now, but something about Stay Gold feels different.

Album | The Secret Sisters - Put Your Needle Down

Three years ago, the Secret Sisters arrived with their thoroughly charming self-titled debut. Putting their blood harmonies to devastating effect, they whistled through an array of country standards while offering only two of their own compositions. The f