Sivu - Something On High

Self-loathing and repentant lyrics from the former bailiff

Caribou - 'Our Love'

The Canadian producer's thrilling fourth album ties together over a decade's worth of sonic kicks

Johnny Marr - 'Playland'

Trademark licks and provocative lyrics combine as former Smiths man finds his niche on second solo album

The Vaselines - 'V For Vaselines'

The cult Glaswegian duo find their spark dimming on their third effort

Jamie T - 'Carry On The Grudge'

After five years away, the Wimbledon singer is sucked into London's murky underworld on his enthralling third album.

Thom Yorke - 'Tomorrow's Modern Boxes'

The Radiohead frontman's follow up to 2006's solo effort 'The Eraser', distributed via BitTorrent.

Leonard Cohen - 'Popular Problems'

The legendary singer might be nearly 80 but he's not done writing carnal and witty records just yet.

Arp - 'Pulsars E Quasars' EP

A blissed-out continuation in cosmic pop from the New York bedroom composer.

Goat - 'Commune'

The Swedish cultists' second album offers Afrobeat rhythms and righteous psychedelia.

Aphex Twin - 'Syro'

Richard D James' long-awaited return is a banging reminder of why the Cornish raver is one of music's true innovators.