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Visual Arts

The Disobedient Objects Of Protest

A cup and saucer and a saucepan are two of the most humble objects on display in this exhibition, but with a little context they become powerful forces for change. The aforementioned crockery was part of the fight for gender equality and pots and pans wer

Disobedient Objects review raw protest in genteel surroundings

V&A, LondonA thought-provoking history of the tools of protest comes with the inbuilt irony of being staged in a grand old museumDesign is more interesting when it is driven by intent and urgency, rather than the wish to tickle the appetites of shoppers o

Kids battle the monsters of their nightmares - in pictures

Photographer Laure Fauvel has brought to life monsters that haunt childrens nightmares. Armed with sticks, wands and swords, the eight- and nine year-olds appear to be getting the upper hand against their foes. Fauvel, 22, said: I wanted the children not

Malevich review an intensely moving retrospective

Tate Modern, LondonRussian artist Kazimir Malevich blazed a trail through modern art with nothing more than shape and colour. Then came StalinKazimir Malevich: revolutionary of Russian art in picturesKazimir Malevich painted his revolutionary Red Square o

Kazimir Malevich: revolutionary of Russian art in pictures

A century on, the geometric brilliance of Malevich's art still looks new at Tate ModernLaura Cumming reviews Malevich at Tate Modern Continue reading...

American Impressionism, Edinburgh

This exhibition is Edinburgh’s summer crowd-pleaser and its well-chosen works largely tell a classic 19th-century tale

Malevich retrospective at Tate Modern

The gallery’s show on the influential painter follows the birth of suprematism

Inside the dark heart of Jimmy Savile

Dan Davies spent years trying to understand the oddities and peculiarities of Jimmy Savile. He talks to Bill Borrows about the demons that lay in wait