Visual Arts

Gillian Wearing redefines Birmingham for the 21st century

With her statue of a mixed-race, single-parent family, Gillian Wearing has transformed Birmingham's city centre

Interiors: Inside the home of Lucian Freud

A new photography book goes inside the grand Georgian home of the late artist Lucian Freud

Artist Jeff Koons interview: Making Lady Gaga's album cover and the 'empowerment' of art

Norman Rosenthal: Is it contentment and happiness you are striving for? Or something far bigger?

Flying Houses by Laurent Chehere

Laurent Chehere lifts buildings into the sky

Gerhard Richter, Marian Goodman Gallery

Another October and another Frieze week just passed. This means the biggest of big hitters have been turning up in London. The economic quantifiers aren’t precise, but there have been plenty of estimates. Hordes of well-heeled visitors mean big profits

Discovering Ibsen

the more closely you look at Ibsen, in fact, the stranger & more beguiling he gets… Andrew Dickson in ‘Ibsen, an unlikely radical’ In preparation for our International Ibsen season, which saw three international theatre companies propel some of Ibse

Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude review a feminist artist ahead of his time

Cortauld Gallery, LondonThe Austrian artists passionate love of women is illuminated in one of the most important and sexy exhibitions of the year Sex and stockings: Egon Schieles nudes in pictures Continue reading...

Sex and stockings: Egon Schiele's nudes in pictures

Angular, alluring, challenging, candid Egon Schieles nudes were absolutely revolutionary. A new show, Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude at Londons Courtauld Gallery, explores them Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude review a feminist artist ahead of his time Cont

Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude, Courtauld Gallery, review: 'masterfully assured'

Schiele's drawings may not be beautiful but they are mesmerising to behold, says Alastair Sooke

Simon Schama on Rembrandt

The late masterpieces on show at London’s National Gallery are products of a difficult time for the artist