Almeida Theatre

Events at Almeida Theatre

Carmen Disruption - Almeida Theatre
In the opulent grandeur of a European city, a renowned singer abandons the opera house for the truth of the streets. A gorgeous prostitute. A tough-ta
Game - Almeida Theatre
In a housing crisis, a young couple are offered a home of their own. But at what price? Invasive and unnerving, the World Premiere of Mike Bartlett
The Fever - Almeida Theatre
In a hotel in a distant city, a man is looking for answers. Back at home, he can only see questions. Does everything have a price? Do people? Does kil
The Merchant of Venice - Almeida Theatre
In a faraway palace, a wealthy heiress is looking for a husband. Back at home, a wealthy merchant is looking for a loan. Everyone’s out to make a ki