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Bristol Old Vic

Events at Bristol Old Vic

Jane Eyre -Bristol Old Vic Theatre
A bold and dynamic re-imagining of Brontë's timeless masterpiece presented in two parts with an ensemble cast of actors and musicians. Almost 170 years on, there is still much in Brontë's story of the trailblazing Jane and the charismatic yet vulnerable Mr Rochester to inspire today's generation. This empowering and courageous production uncovers one woman's fight for freedom and fulfilment on her own terms. Jane Eyre is a strong and spirited heroine who, despite humble beginnings as a destitute orphan, faces life's obstacles head on to follow her own path.
The Little Mermaid - Bristol Old Vic
This Christmas, immerse yourself in the underwater world of The Little Mermaid and experience a tale of heroic adventure, true love, luminous music and a generous splash of festive magic. Take our Little Mermaid's hand and dive into a world where the good seafolk dwell amongst the iridescent corals, swaying seaweed and drifting flotsam and jetsam. But evil lurks in these depths too, as the dreaded Sea Witch plots and schemes to rule over Up There. Will our spirited heroine make the biggest decision of her life and risk everything to save the kingdom and win her true love's heart?
Timothy Walker (Magwitch) Tom Canton (Pip) 460 wide.jpg
Great Expectations - Bristol Old Vic
A strange meeting in a churchyard sets in motion a chain of events that will shower a young man with money, break his troubled heart and lead him deep into a labyrinth of deception and discovery. Great Expectations is a story about transformation, loss and - ultimately - forgiveness.
The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Bristol Old Vic
Following 2011's Treasure Island, we once again return to King Street and the open air for a summer show to set imaginations aflutter. With a creative team (including director Sally Cookson and composer Benji Bower) assembled from previous Bristol Old Vic shows like Treasure Island (2011) and Peter Pan (2012), we now unfold a sparkling, alfresco version of the famous storytelling slave's parables, adapted by the wonderful Mr Michael Morpurgo (War Horse, Private Peaceful).