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Hull Truck Theatre

Events at Hull Truck Theatre

A Taste Of Honey - Hull Truck Theatre
Salford 1959: 17-year-old Jo is desperate to break free from her vulgar, wayward and manhunting mother, Helen. Resilient and feisty, Jo's instinct
Wrong 'Un - Red Ladder Theatre - Tour
February 1918, and after several decades of protest and four years of bloody war Parliament is poised to grant what the suffragettes have demanded and
The Flame-Haired Dynamo - Hull Truck Theatre
Chris McCann's life is going nowhere. He's out of work, out of money and out of luck. His kids don't understand him and his wife's at her wits' end. W
Daniel Kitson: After the Beginning Before the End - UK Tour
“This is a very specific point in time. “I’ve been waiting to have the idea for this show for weeks, for months. A space held open in my head

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