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Landor Theatre

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The Man Inside - Landor Theatre
“Free the good in Man and let it fly”. These are the words spoken by an eminent doctor and scientist whose intentions are to help those in turmoil. Through research and development he holds a mirror to those who pursue self interest and personal desires by means of crime or terror, then choose to blame society for their actions. When his experiments take him to the dark side can he still control these emotions, or will he lose control and pay the price of deception?
Next Thing You Know - Landor Theatre
Next Thing You Know is the new musical from the Drama Desk-nominated writers of I Love You Because, produced at the Landor Theatre in 2007, winning best Off West End production at the awards the following year.
Sleeping Arrangements - Landor Theatre
Ever had a holiday romance that went a step too far? In the heat of the Spanish summer old passions flare up once more for two ex-lovers – now remarried and holidaying with their families... When a Spanish holiday villa turns out be double-booked, Chloe and Hugh are forced to spend a week together.. and it is a week neither will ever forget! This farcical yet heart-felt story explores the theme of ‘second chances’, and ‘missed opportunities’ with a sizzle of sensuality and lashings of Sangria.
A Winter's Tale - Landor Theatre

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By Jeeves 2.jpg
By Jeeves, Landor, London
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By Jeeves – review
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Review - By Jeeves, Landor Theatre
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By Jeeves
article_By Jeeves.jpg
By Jeeves, Landor Theatre, London
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By Jeeves
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By Jeeves