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Luca Silvestrini's Protein Border Tales - The Place
With an engaging blend of dance, dialogue and live music, award-winning Protein returns to The Place with a new slice of social commentary. Treated with trademark physical and verbal wit, Border Tales looks at multi-cultural living in the UK seen through the eyes of the characters on stage. Silvestrini turns his sharply satirical gaze to stereotypical thinking, tolerance and where lines are drawn between ‘them’ and ‘us’.
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Resolution! - The Place
Resolution! is The Place's annual festival of new works presented by a range of diverse emerging dance-artists. It has been a starting point for artists such as Russell Maliphant, Mark Baldwin, Wayne McGregor, Charlotte Vincent, Jasmin Vardimon and Hofesh Shechter. For every evening of the festival there are three short pieces where you get to see a snap shot of brand new work. Being part of an audience for Resolution! is being part of a dialogue with artists as they try out ideas for the first time.
Dance Umbrella: Vertiges - The Place Theatre
A charming and intriguing encounter between two mature men: one a dancer; the other, a violinist. In his signature fluid and pure style, Paul-André Fortier propels himself weightlessly across the stage, in dialogue with surprising live sounds performed by American Malcolm Goldstein. With a vibrancy and tenderness between them, the pair skilfully lure the audience into the heart of their poetic world. Performer and choreographer, Fortier is internationally renowned for dance that is marked by innovation, renewal and a desire to defy convention.
Running On Empty - Probe - UK Tour
Running on Empty is the story of Man, Woman and their repeated collision over time. Absurd and sometimes devastating, it is about resilience, struggle and our determination to survive.

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