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Events at Roundhouse

She Would Walk the Sky - Roundhouse, London
Leave the real world at the door with this captivating and stylish new production from the team behind the international smash-hit Cantina. Recent building works on the foundations of the Roundhouse unearthed a small, ornate black box. In the box was a book, the yellowed pages of which carried words written in an unknown language. We asked Company 2 to translate, and the result is a show of wonder, of gasps and subtle grandeur; She Would Walk The Sky is an epic poem told in grand circus, raw sound and sparse, beautiful words
Glasshouse - Cardboard Citizens - UK Tour
Glasshouse is about family and how hard it can be to keep loving. Three interwoven stories take us into the lives of members of a single family – fragile as any of us, tested by the times in modern Britain, they struggle to stay together, fail to survive apart. Sown through with Kate Tempest’s haunting poetry, the play draws us into a dark and gritty city illuminated by moments of unexpected tenderness.
The Worst of Scottee - Roundhouse
Edinburgh Festival hit and Total Theatre Award-winner The Worst of Scottee directed by Chris Goode is coming to the Roundhouse. Everyone has done stuff they regret, most of us bury it but six months ago Scottee hired a psychotherapist and a filmmaker to dig up his past. The Worst of Scottee see the Time Out Performer of The Year encounter past flames, ex-friends and people who no longer like him in attempt to find out where he went wrong.
Moya: Live! - The Roundhouse
After touring all year supporting the likes of Rod Stewart, Blondie and Mick Hucknell, Moya is performing live at the Roundhouse for a special concert on December 5th. Moya will be performing tracks from her debut album 'Lost & Found' as well as brand new songs such as 'Come and Get it'.