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Royal Academy Of Arts

Events at Royal Academy Of Arts

Giovanni Battista Moroni - Royal Academy of Art
This is the first comprehensive study of of one of the best painters of the sixteenth century to be held in the UK. Gathering a selection of 40 works,
Charles Stewart: Black and White Gothic - Royal Academy of Arts
Illustrator Charles Stewart was inspired by J.S. Le Fanu's novel Uncle Silas for which he produced a set of 30 full page pen and ink drawings. Ste
Jean-Etienne Liotard - Royal Academy of Arts
This is the first UK exhibition dedicated to the Swiss artist, who was one of the most highly regarded portraitists of 18th century Enlightenment Euro
Ai Weiwei - Royal Academy of Arts
This major exhibition of the work by the honoray RA Ai Weiwei will feature many of his major works from across his career. The creative freedom such a