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Southwark Playhouse

Events at Southwark Playhouse

Johnny Got His Gun - Southwark Playhouse
When the call came, idealistic Joe Bonham eagerly volunteered for the trenches of World War One. Now he has paid a price he never expected, and far aw
Three Sisters - Southwark Playhouse
“You won’t be here. Not in thirty years. You’ll have had a stroke, or I’ll have shot you. It’ll be one or the other.” Three sisters. Th
A Study in Scarlet - Southwark Playhouse
Tacit Theatre return to Southwark Playhouse with a brand new adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective classic. A young and ambitious Holmes a
The A-Z of Mrs P - Southwark Playhouse
For anyone who has ever searched to find their way, here is a re-telling of the myth and even more remarkable reality behind the handy, all-purpose, p