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Southwark Playhouse

Events at Southwark Playhouse

Next Fall - Southwark Playhouse
Next Fall portrays the ups and downs of Adam and Luke’s long term relationship and how they make it work – despite their differences. Luke is devo
Who Do We Think We Are? - Southwark Playhouse
What makes you the person you are today? Your genes? Your experiences? The experiences of your parents and grandparents? In 2013 a group of older a
Eye of a Needle - Southwark Playhouse
Laurence loves to go out, get wrecked and rave to dubstep. He pays for it with a job at UK Immigration Control. Deciding who does or doesn’t get to
As You Like it - Southwark Playhouse
Rosalind, daughter of a duke banished by his own brother, is forced into exile by her despotic uncle. With only her spectacular wit and her loyal cous